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Public Utility Services

Warren Energy (WE) is capable of providing many services designed to assist utility companies meet their program evaluation needs. Our integrated approach to program evaluation provides an efficient method of delivering sustainable and repeatable results that help utilities meet program goals and design more effective programs for future initiatives.


WE has provided services to jurisdictions throughout the United States. We have previously worked as the prime evaluation contractor on utility-wide evaluation teams, but have also provided services to others leading these efforts.

Program Impact Evaluation

WE provides engineering analysis resources for evaluating and verifying the impacts of energy efficiency programs. We perform on-site assessments of measures to confirm proper installations, and then review program savings projections in order to assess program impacts and facilitate future improvements to the program. We are accustomed to seeing applications that are unique and have performed such evaluations in several industries, and take pride in applying sound engineering methods to evaluate the accuracy of projected energy savings. WE also provides evaluation and verification services for demand response programs, where project savings are only accounted for during peak demand periods. 

Measurement and Verification

WE provides complete measurement and verification services in support of performance contracts or other projects where proven energy savings are required.  Our engineering staff has performed short and long-term monitoring at numerous facilities. We are experienced with leading measurement and evaluation (M&V) protocols, including the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) application of the protocol, and California’s Standard Performance Contract (SPC) protocols.  Warren Energy is a member of the EVO IPMVP Committee and has extensive experience performing all of the potentially complex IPMVP options.  Our metering capabilities allow us to complete Option B approaches for verifying savings.  We are also expert users of the Metrix™ software for performing whole building billing analyses (IPMVP Option C) and have the expertise required to perform calibrated simulation verifications (IPMVP Option D).

Utility Energy Efficiency Programs

Program Implementation

Warren Energy is an engineering analysis resource for energy efficiency program implementation and impact evaluation. We perform analysis and on-site inspections to determine program eligibility of potential projects and potential for savings.  For evaluation, we also verify installations and perform engineering reviews of program savings projections in order to assess program impacts. We are accustomed to seeing applications that are unique in one manner or another and take pride in applying sound engineering methods to estimate project and evaluate energy savings. Typical tasks we have been asked to complete include performing calculations, determining cost-effectiveness of potential projects, performing simulation modeling for new construction projects, and identifying measures in large-scale projects.

Technical Assessment and Energy Audit

Warren Energy provides a full range of audit services from walk-through audits and preliminary scoping studies to investment grade audits. We rely on state-of-the-art tools and calculation methods and stay informed of the latest developments in energy efficiency.  Our auditing techniques are used widely in impact evaluation of utility energy efficiency programs.


WE is capable of performing research into available databases, including the California Database for Energy Efficient Resources (DEER) and multiple state technical reference manuals (TRM). We can provide metering and other measurement and verification tasks of proving savings for measures that have yet to be widely adopted. We rely on our extensive knowledge, data and processes to help determine focused M&V approaches, even assisting with the development of standardized, repeatable approaches for wider adoption across multiple jurisdictions.

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