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Ring of Light Bulbs

Our Engagement Team

WE engagement teams consists of experienced, highly qualified engineering and business professionals. Every WE Engineer has superior technical competence, educational credentials and professional certifications, years of energy-related experience, and a proven track record of client engagement excellence. 

Our Methodology

WE approaches all its client assignments, large or small, with sound project methodologies and processes. Our consulting methodologies have been developed and refined through years of experience in the energy management field, and this experience translates into more efficient and effective project management and savings of time and money for our clients.

Covering the Entire Energy Landscape


Warren Energy (WE) provides a full range of energy services that includes energy strategy development, energy master planning, energy efficiency program and project development, load management, and design and construction engineering services. We reduce energy use through process improvements, waste reduction, higher-efficiency equipment selection, and evaluation and optimization of system operating points. We conduct evaluations of mechanical systems, electrical systems, load shape and related billing determinants. We evaluate commodity contracts that may impact energy costs and strategy. Where necessary, we will model your building's energy usage and provide real time metering solutions that improve your purchasing options. We help you take advantage of applicable national, state, and local rebates and grants.

WE works with clients that are classified under two major business sectors and covers the entire energy landscape.

Public Utility

WE has deep expertise in all facets of energy efficient practices, processes, technologies and programs supporting the utility companies in the implementation of large-scale efficiency programs.  WE integrated approach to program evaluation provides an efficient method of delivering sustainable and repeatable results that meet program goals.  

WE has experience with programs in numerous states, and we have adapted our approach to state-specific program requirements, including expertise in various technical reference manual requirements.

Business and Industry

Our client list includes commercial offices, entertainment complexes, government and municipal buildings, hospitals and healthcare systems, hotels and resorts, industrial and manufacturing facilities, property management companies, retail and shopping centers, and universities, colleges and school districts. Our services have been utilized by architects, building owners, construction managers, engineers, facilities departments, project planners/managers, plant managers, property developers/managers, and executive management teams.

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