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Business and Industry Services

Warren Energy (WE) provides a comprehensive range of energy efficiency, energy-related design and engineering, and energy management services and solutions.  


Our clients and partners think of us as an extension of their own operations and facilities organizations. Our capabilities span the entire project lifecycle, from initial analysis through implementation. We bring proven engineering skills, deep energy domain knowledge, and a comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies, programs, and systems, with the commitment to be a true long-term partner.

Measurement and Verification

Warren Energy can provide complete measurement and verification (M&V) services in support of performance contracts or other projects where proven energy savings are required.  Our company performs short and long-term metering and we are familiar with commonly applied M&V protocols. 

These include the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) application of the protocol, and California’s Standard Performance Contract (SPC) protocols.

Energy Audits

Warren Energy provides a full range of audit services from walk-through audits (ASHRAE Level I) and preliminary scoping studies (ASHRAE Level II), to investment grade audits (ASHRAE Level III). Our audits meet the requirements of LEED-EB: O&M EA Prerequisite 1 and LEED-EB: O&M EA Credit 2.1 using Option B.  An investment-grade energy audit conducted by Warren Energy Engineering will include an in-depth investigation of the facility, analysis of opportunities, and assessment of potential projects.  

We rely on state-of-the-art tools and calculation methods and stay informed of the latest developments in energy efficiency.  Whenever possible, we make use of short term metering to record actual facility operating conditions and use such data to identify deviations from intended design and control.

Building Simulation and Modeling

Warren Energy is capable of creating and modifying building simulation models utilizing leading software applications, such as, eQUEST, Carrier Hourly Analysis Program (HAP), and Trane Trace.  We have extensive experience in creating simulation models for both new and existing buildings, new construction design assistance in commercial buildings, and calibrating simulation outputs to actual utility data. Our modeling services are ideal during the schematic design stages of buildings when many project details may not be available. Our building simulations maintain full DOE-2 rigor allowing us to incorporate complex details. These simulations are used to measure savings for proposed ECMs and can be utilized as part of a measurement and verification approach (IPMVP Option D).


Our retro-commissioning service utilizes many of the same skills as an energy audit.  We identify areas in a facility where energy is potentially wasted. Our retro-commissioning approach relies on installation of metering and independently monitoring building systems. We are also capable of using installed energy management systems to gather information on energy end-users. We have previously operated as a Quality Assurance contractor with NYSERDA for their Retro-commissioning program, overseeing and approving project reports, measurement and verification (M&V) plans and M&V reports.

ENERGY STAR® Certification and LEED Support

Warren Energy has provided ENERGY STAR® certification guidance for major commercial building types including office buildings, K-12 schools and retailers, as well as several industrial facilities such as auto assembly plants and cement factories. Such certifications require both benchmarking of energy bills and a certification statement by a registered professional engineer (PE). Warren Energy Engineering, LLC has staff licensed in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, Maryland and California and has partnerships with professional engineers in many other states.

WE has experience providing LEED project support and meeting LEED BD&C and LEED EB: O&M requirements. Our expertise can be especially helpful in meeting requirements for LEED 2009 EAc5 - Measurement and Verification and LEED 4 Enhanced Commissioning credit.

Optimized Solutions For Better Results

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